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Lisa Zaborac


County Commissioner

Why Lisa Zaborac?

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Jeff Wilson,
Washington State Senator

I am confident her strong passionate and common sense approach will serve the County well.

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Sean Hollen,
Calvary Chapel Pastor

Lisa is someone that will serve the interests of the people, not special interest groups.  Lisa is someone I trust.


JR Steifel,
Candidate, County

I fully support and endorse Lisa Zaborac for County Commissioner.

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Kacey Morrison,
Aberdeen Council Member

Lisa is such an inspiring, knowledgeable, patriotic, and determined advocate for transparency in government.

Wes Cormier_edited.jpg

Wes Cormier,
Former County Commissioner

Lisa has the same principles, philosophy and values that I do.  I support Lisa for Commissioner.

Jim Sannes_edited.jpg

Jim, Sannes,
Grays Harbor County PCO

Lisa is much needed change at the county.  She will make a great County Commissioner.

We Support Lisa!


  • I do NOT support raising taxes.  Working people and the aging community cannot continue to fund a bloated government. 

  • My opponent has raised your taxes every year she has been in office.

  • The aging population cannot afford property taxes.

  • I support less taxes and fiscal responsibility.



  • I am a fiscal conservative.  Many ideas that come out of government have no consideration for your tax dollars.  Politicians use public dollars as a reelection enterprise, funding projects that serve little or no public good.

  • The Wishkah Wall to nowhere – a more than $5 million dollar project to mitigate flooding on a road that is impassible only a few times a year because of tidal influence.

  • When my opponent was elected to the Commission in 2015, the county budget was 27 million dollars during her first year.  It has since grown almost 10 million dollars, with an estimated deficit of 2.2 million in her time on the County Commission.

  • A County Commissioner makes about $80,000 a year, my opponent thinks you should pay for her lunch at meetings.  I don't.


Property Rights

  • I am against eminent domain.

  • My opponent passed a more than 150 page document called the Shorline Master Plan that restricted your ability to develop land without a single amendment, input, correction, or rebuttal. 

  • I support the development of your property.

  • I support ending red tape and bureaucracy that interferes with the development of your property.

  • I support an easy, inexpensive and limited permit process.

  • I support property owners.